Creating mood and setting with light

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Creating mood with lighting.

Creating accent light

A. Create your photo composition by placing your subject in the correct position

     1. Using your light meter in front of your subject, to determine the correct exposure setting for the image.

     2. Photograph your gray card with the above setting!

          a. This will establish the white balance for the image in post

B. Change your camera settings two stops of light down

     1. Speed up your shutter speed two stops, or

     2. Change your aperture two stops higher

          a. Bigger number

C. Set-up your main off-camera flash

     1. About 45° to the camera subject line.

          a. Using grids, barn door, or snoot, to focus the flash on the face or subject

     2. Use your light meter again within the flash this time

         a. Adjust your flash output to bring the exposure settings to the correct settings.

              I. These are the settings established in step one.

At this point, you are ready to take your photograph …Unless you want more.

D. Add a 2nd flash,

     1. add a diffuser, maybe an orange gel

     2. Again start at 45°, but this time behind the subject

E. Use your light meter facing the 2nd flash

     1. Adjust this flash output to bring the exposure settings to the correct settings,

          a. determined in step one of the exercise

               I. The goal of this flash is to create a light line on the subject

F. Maybe add a 3rd flash to create a backlight

     1. Place directly behind the subject,

          a. hidden low or

          b. high above the subject

               I. using a yellow gel

G. Let's create a midnight light look

     1. Change your white balance to Tungsten

          a. You should see a darker heavy blue tint on your test image

     2. Place an orange gel on the main flash unit,

          a. this will correct the skin tones of the subject

If possible, you might want to add smoke or mist to create an exotic appearance.

06/1/2020, Joe Covington