Crystal Mill, Marble, Colorado

Stormy day at the Mill

Joe's Background

Joe and his wife (Edna) of 45+ years live in Central Texas. After high school in Caldwell, Texas he attended Blinn Jr. College in Brenham, a short while later joined the US Navy.  When he returned from the Vietnam War, he married his lovely wife, in California. Upon their return to Texas, he went to TAMU/TEEX for his law enforcement training, he then joined the law enforcement community. After 24 or so years in the law enforcement and personal security field, he retired! That is when Edna and Joe took to the full-time RV traveling life and so the story continues. After traveling the west for 11 years, Joe and Edna bought a home in Killeen, Texas, and they intend to live the final phase of their life!

Photographic Background

His interest in photography came at an early age. Thought out his youth he read anything about photography and camera equipment he could find in order to learn about basic photographic theories and techniques, but coming from a less than rich background, he was unable to pursue photography as a career. Throughout his young adult years raising a family was priority. Joe struggled to feed his interest in photography, but he was finally able to begin to taking a few classes and workshops that further developed his photographic knowledge and skill. Several of these courses were in the law enforcement field, i.e. crime scene photography, accident scene and surveillance photography and more. The equipment and travel cost of producing artistic photography was still beyond his means, until the advent of digital, which allowed him to get some lower end equipment take as many photos as he wanted, develop them and print only the ones he wanted. During the last 15 or so years he has immersed himself in photographic education, taking many, many training courses, workshops, private meetings, etc. to enhance his photographic knowledge. Once he retired, he began to pursue his interest in earnest.

Joe's First Camera

Mule Deer in Velvet, Raton, New Mexico

Untitled photo

Vision Quest

At this point in Joe's life, his doesn't foresee creating an overwhelming financial future with his photography. However, he will welcome it if it were to happen. Seriously, he only desires to produce high quality nature based imagery that would look nice on someones wall. 

His quest is to create nature based images that will create, in the minds-eye, the vicarious experience that the viewer was at his side during the photographic trek!